PEBBLE & BAM BAM 2-way and 3-way monitors

The Pebble is an entry level monitor with high end sonics

The Pebble for critical near-field applications.The Pebble is a technology tour de force and features many innovations found only in the upper end of the Unity monitor range. The Pebble is an incredibly flexible design that can be further improved with the addition of the Bam Bam low end expansion speaker.

Pebble drivers & sealed cabinet. The Pebbles feature a high quality woofer and soft dome tweeter with 2 internal 180 watt amplifiers, custom crossovers and a frequency response of 47Hz-20kHz +/-3dB. With a sealed cabinet for fast, highly accurate transient response, it features the same Aperiodic Vent used in the Avalanche subwoofer to deliver extended low frequency range.

The Bam Bam - not a sub-woofer. The Bam Bam is not a sub-woofer but an extremely versatile low frequency expansion speaker for The Pebble. It transforms The Pebble into a true 3-way monitoring system with the benefit of an extended bass performance down to 34Hz.

Bam Bam Drivers & sealed cabinet The Bam Bam features a single 182mm woofer with itís own 180 watt discrete amplifier housed in a sealed Aperiodic Vent cabinet. The Pebble and Bam Bam are a formidable combination that deliver truly accurate sonics and an astounding 360 watts per channel.

Greater than the sum of its parts When used together the woofer in The Pebble now becomes a mid-range driver and seamlessly hands over bass duties to the woofer in the Bam Bam. Audio is routed from one cabinet to the other via a short XLR cable. There are no complicated and confusing crossovers to adjust. Level trim controls are provided on both Pebble and Bam Bam for fine balancing.


Applications. The Pebble and Bam Bam are ideal as stereo near-field monitors for all professional and home users.







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