STC Gear Sell Unity Audio Rock and Boulder Monitors and Fairlight Consoles and Workstations


STC Gear: Distribution with a difference.

STC are specialists in Sound Technology with working knowledge of how all the pieces fit together in audio recording and broadcast studios.

Distribution and sales services in the USA to international audio and video-related manufacturers. Also system integration, planning and support services to a wide customer base of US Pro Audio and Broadcast clients.

Unity Audio Monitors, The Rock MkII, Super Rock, Boulder and BABE, for critical listening, "Monitors Trusted by the World's best Artists". Fairlight, recently acquired by Blackmagic Design.The World leaders in advanced audio post production products for film and television.


Fairlight Logo

Fairlight by Blackmagic Designs. Digital Audio Consoles and Workstations

Fairlight by Blackmagic Design

Broadcast and Post-production digital consoles and workstations.

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Monitors Trusted by the worlds best Artists. Rock, Super Rock, Boulder and BABE

Unity Audio

Active Monitors Trusted by the Worlds best audio engineers and Artists.

GEAR: A mechanism or group of parts performing one function or serving one purpose in a complex machine


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